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Watch the short film and support B.E.E. Inspiring Inc. programs, workshops and feature film!!!

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A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical

Short Film!!~
When you watch A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical short film you donate towards getting the feature film produced, you are supporting indie films and helping bring a truly unique musical to life. Donating is an important part of making sure that this story can be told in its fullest form. With your help, a talented team of filmmakers will have the resources to create a feature-length version of the story they have created. Your contribution will mean that this unique and creative musical can be seen by audiences around the world, bringing joy and hope to those who need it most. Help support indie films and donate now! Together we can make A Trip to Purpose Land into a reality. Thank you for your support.



Here is a Synopsis of the Film before you watch here:

A Trip to Purpose Land the musical is part 1 of a proof of concept of Sylvia Denise full feature script...


In a terrible group home that is run by an evil Foster Mother named Janice Ethel. The Bakers siblings Devin and Kinsey are the newest starry-eyed but disadvantaged children to enter. Abuse and sadness rule this foster home, but siblings Devin and Kinsey discover an inspiring way to escape their painful reality when their imagination takes them to a whimsical place called Purpose Land!

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All Videos

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