ABOUT B.E.E. Inspiring Inc.



My name is Sylvia Denise


I am the founder of B.E.E. Inspiring Inc.

B.E.E. Inspiring Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization established in 2016. 

B.E.E. stand for Building.Educating.Empowering.

"Empowering Passions.Discovering Purpose".

I came into this world with a very animated and creative personality. I knew who I was and what I loved to do at the very young of 9 years old. The little unique things about me I payed attention too and my parents empowered my passions. I firmly believe that your passions lead you to who you were created to be in life!


I want B.E.E. Inspiring Inc. to be an experience for all young people and young adults where their passions are empowered. Also to have creative encounters with Entreprenuers that bring them one step closer to their purpose in life. 


Our Mission:

Our mission at B.E.E. Inspiring Inc. is to build, educate, and empower the youth and adults to pursue their passions through entrepreneurship and the arts. Inviting youth to discover their purpose through creative encounters with influential Entrepreneurs throughout the community.   


Our Vision:

To Equip all youth and young adults with the life and entrepreneurship skills they need to live successful lives as who they were created to be.