A Trip To Purpose Land 
The Musical

Original Youth Production written and directed by
Sylvia Denise


What an Amazing Production we put on August 18, 2019! While the play will be put on annually for the community to keep youth inspired. AUDITIONS COMING SOON!
I have worked hard and I have developed my original stage play into my first feature film script!!! We start filming in September    A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical Short Film and I can't wait for everyone who see's it to be inspired! Stay tuned for the SCREENING!! 

Here is a synopsis of the film:

Meet siblings Devin and Kinsey Baker who due to the death of their mother and now incarcerated father have been placed in a dreadful group home run by the evil Foster Mother Janice Ethel.  The Bakers, with the feelings of being lost, and alone will lead them on a  whimsical trip to a place called Purpose Land! Watch how through determination, belief, songs and creativity the Bakers will  gain valuable life lessons from a loveable guide named Papa Purpose and his animated positive, rhythm stepping friends the Purpose Peeps in A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical!


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