~ B.E.E. Production & Workshops ~ 
were created as an answer to the constant decline in funding for Arts, Business, and Life skills classes and programs available in public schools across the country.

B.E.E. Inspiring Inc. is a 501c3 organization. We are now accepting donations to help fund our upcoming programs to Build.Educate.Empower the youth!

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The Problems
~ The Department of Education reports since the economic downfall there has been a constant decline in funding for public school arts programs.
~ In 2013 stopbullying.gov reported 1,316 students reported Physical dating violence. 1,957 students felt sad, or hopeless.
~ The National Education Association report that at 160,000 children miss school everyday out of fear of being bullied.
~ The Association for Phsycological Science found that bullies, victims, or both are likely to experience poverty, academic failure, job termination, commit crime or abuse drugs.
How B.E.E. Helps
With B.E.E. Programs such as B.E.E. Tools for Purpose Workshops, and Inspiring Stage Plays for youth and young adults will help to solve these problems by inspiring youth at the early stages of their development to live healty, positive purpose filled lives. 
Emotional Outlet
Improves Academic Performance
Reading and Comprehension
Bridging the Acheivement Gap
Economy Boosters
and many more!