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A Trip to Purpose Land
a trip to purpose land

A True Visions To Reality Project. My first short film project was adapted from my full musical script! This film is a visual representation of my full musical script A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical!

A big thank you to the Co-producer and Director Reginald L. Moser as well as the cast and crew and everyone who donated to this film in any way! We had an amazing time at the premiere! Check out the film trailer and pictures from the Premiere below!!!


This musical I wrote is my dream and most genuine intent to have this film accessible to youth and families all over the globe! Help us bring A Trip to Purpose Land The musical back to the stage!!! Help us bring A Trip to Purpose Land The Musical full film to the Big Screen!!! You can donate below click the DONATE NOW button. All of BEE Inspiring's Workshops and Events Build, Educate, and Empower our Youth to be them best selves, develop healthy coping skills while exploring the arts in a fun a safe space!! 


If you are interested volunteering your services, skills or talent to BEE Inspiring Inc please CONTACT US HERE or via EMAIL @ SYLVIA@BEEINSPIRINGINC.ORG


As Always B.E.E. You, B.E.E. Consistent, B.E.E. Inspiring!


Sylvia Denise -

A Trip To Purpose Land The Musical Short Film!!!

A Trip To Purpose Land The Musical Short Film Premiere!
June 11, 2022!

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